I’m back! 2015.

Heya! I’m back.

In January I did something I’ve never truly done – I set new year’s resolutions. I was inspired to do this by my favorite lady, Kelsey Raymond, on her spice & dice blog. Two years ago she decided to change her own life. So she did, surprising herself by accomplishing what she didn’t think she could. How did she do it? Simple. She set real goals. Achievable goals. Then she blew them out of the water. Pride and admiration sent me following in her footsteps (not a new thing). Then, two days later, she actually wrote a post about setting goals! My intuition beat her to the punch.

I know, it’s February. It’s been a whole month since New Year’s. It’s also been a whole month since I’ve been “in the real world.” After I graduated from Dickinson in May I spent six beautiful months on the Dickinson College Organic Farm as their livestock apprentice. Then I took a trip to Seattle to visit my aunt’s, Liz and Jessica, for three amazing weeks. Then it was Christmas. Then, BOOM. 2015. The first full year of my adult life.

I decided I need some direction.

Emily’s 2015 Goals

1. Restart this blog.

This blog got me through my time abroad, it helped me fully process and appreciate all that happened to me. When I stopped writing I found that I spent less time thinking, less energy processing my day to day experiences. As I enter this next stage of my life I want to reconnect with that way of living.

2. Pay off one of my loans. 

Loans, loans, loans. I hate talking about them, I hate thinking about them. But they’re there, and I’ll deal with them. But to kick start the process off right I’m going to pay one of them off in the first year! It’s the small one… but it all counts, right?

2. Run 26.2 miles. 

Gotta have a physical goal, right? Well, signing up for marathons hasn’t been working for me. Injuries, nerves, whatever it is. So I’m just going to run 26.2 miles, on my own. I can say I did, I don’t have to pay for it, and I can do it whenever I want – my kind of running.

3. Go on a road trip. 

David and I decided we’re making a change. So April 1st we’re headed out of central PA (on the first full day of my 23rd year). After visiting a bunch of family we’re going to explore the southwest and find a new place to live (ideally with employment). A big part of re-starting this blog is to document our experiences and update family/friends along the way.

Oh, and we bought a teardrop.



2015 has a lot of potential. Financial realities were a huge shock to the system this month, but I’m determined to live my life fully and true to my values in community and sustainability. Right now I have the privilege to work with some amazing people in the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Harrisburg, PA, but past April my plans are very grey. How the year will pan out has yet to be seen, but stick along for the ride (literally) to find out!



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  1. I LOVE YOU EMILY! <3 So happy to see your goals and I know you're going to be running circles around these goals (literally, too!) by the end of the year. Let's chat soon, mmmkay?

    (Just so you know, I "subscribed" to your blog so I get emails when you post. I didn't want you to think I had been refreshing your page every hour for the past year!)

    • I LOVE YOU TOO! :) I figured you got an email… although the image of you refreshing my page hopefully is very entertaining. Chat real soon, yeppers. Miss you!

  2. Dale Holden

    Hi, Emily. What a treat to hear from you! The latest news on running is that 4 miles a day is good, but more than that is as bad for you as doing no exercise (with the same life expectancy!)

    Grampa and I send our love!

    • Hi, Nana! Thanks for the info! I love running long distances, it’s for fun – not health! but that’s definitely interesting. Can you email me (emilyannbowie@gmail.com)? I don’t have your email! I have a knitting project to share with you!

      Love to both you and grampa! xoxo

  3. Dorothy Bowie

    Great to see you blogging again. I look forward to reading them as much (almost) as talking to you in person! You always leave me with something to think about, as well. I love you and am so proud of all your goals. <3

  4. Kelly Brodeur

    ahhhhh… to be young again!!! I can feel your determination coming through. Enjoy and be safe!!!

  5. Charlie Allsworth

    A BIG Hello: I have been working with the NRCS here in RI. I have 16 acres of forest that I have a plan to develop. I now have a three year project. Love the idea that they pay me for something I would be doing anyway :-)

    Love the blog – – –

  6. calypsogirl

    Nice! Tell David to start a blog, too! I love to read his writing.

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