For two weeks I’ve had this thing hanging over me. A task that I just hadn’t gotten to. It wasn’t even that complicated. I knew I needed to do it and there was no getting around it but I dreaded the actual act of doing it. Okay, maybe “dreaded” is a bit dramatic. I just didn’t feel like doing it. Every I’ll just do it tonight, turned into, I’ll just do it tomorrow. 

Today I finally just did it. Suddenly, I was shocking less stressed. I had no idea that this one simple task had been dragging me down all week. Such a stupid thing to feel like so heavy a weight off my shoulders.

So, ladies and gentlemen, identify what that thing is for you. Whether it be call your mother, write that essay, wash the shower, apply for that job, run that errand, or go to the dentist. Just do it, check it off the list. You’ll feel a whole lot more accomplished.

Start your week off right.