on being 23.

We have so much to do. I can’t even express what our apartment looks like right now, considering we drive out in a few hours. I’ll write more about the trip later, but I can’t get these words out of my head, so here it is:

Exactly two years ago I wrote this post about turning 21 in Tanzania. My birthday involved a lot of sacrifice (of goats), Easter, soda, and friends. It did not include alcohol. I remember feeling like I truly became an adult that day, surrounded by new friends, in a new country I had come to love. It was my biggest adventure. And now, exactly two years later, I’m headed out on a new one – this time, destination unknown. (The birthday in between involved a stomache flu and my first ever star wars marathon… not a lot to report there).

It’s been very emotional. If you followed me in Tanzania you know I realized how I truly loved being American and how greatly I loved my family. Yet, again, yesterday I said goodbye to them Sunday for an undetermined amount of time. It was 8x more emotional than when I went to Africa. But I’m again looking forward to what I can learn about myself when I de-root and leave home.

Yesterday was chaotic, emotional, and wonderful. David took me to dinner at the new locally sourced restaurant in Harrisburg, The Millworks. It was beyond amazing. One of my favorite farmers, Judi, took me out for lunch – also delicious! Thank you to both of them.

All day I received text after text, message after message, call after call, wishing me a happy birthday. I’m writing this as a thank you to every single person who reached out. I haven’t yet had the heart to respond to everyone (basically anyone), but I will. Right now this move is taking over my life. 

If you’ve stuck around since Africa, thank you so, so much for all the love you’ve shown over the years. But also, infinite thank yous to all my new followers. I hope you like the new website! (Myeco20s.com). If you aren’t yet following me there’s a lot of options on the right sidebar!

Off we go.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading.


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embracing the unexpected.


  1. GOOD LUCK TODAY!!! Ahh. I’m going to miss you so much. LOVE the new website & design, it’s beautiful.

  2. Linda Dupuis

    Belated Happy Birthday to you Emily! I wish you and David the best in your travels. I’m looking forward to reading about them.

  3. Good travels. What an amazing life so far and many more adventures to come!

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