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endearing and useless: splitting with the teardrop.

I have a soft spot for endearing things. I’m not talking about kittens, daisies, and tiny shoes for infants (though I coo at those things too, don’t get me wrong). Rather, I’m referring to antiques and antique-like-things. It’s a trait I get from my mother. When I was a child my mother used to frequent yard sales and bring home endearing pieces of furniture and decorations. It drove my dad mad. But I get it. I also love creating an environment that’s charming and whimsical. If I can create it from used, cheap items – hey, all the better.

Especially when I think said items have the potential to be practical. I love keeping and acquiring items that may, eventually, have a purpose. Though, as I’ve previously stated, I’m working on this habit – trying to acquire only things that have actually demonstrated usefulness. Like antique sewing machines… and teardrop trailers…

But it’s hard.

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“the sh** that’s going to happen”.

At 1:00am I still hadn’t fallen asleep. I lay there, trying not to move, in an envelope of heavy, humid air. It was mid-eighties and the trailer was stifling in the South Carolina humidity.

A few days before, in Asheville, NC, we woke to a puddle of water at our feet. The guy who built the trailer was apparently as inept at waterproofing as he was at installing lights. The leaks were now fixed, but we didn’t have a screen yet. We draped a tarp over the window hoping to deter mosquitos. So far, we had only succeeded in deterring any wind relief.

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craiglist lessons from a teardrop trailer.

The trailer is the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought on craigslist. I knew I had no idea what I was getting into with bartering and inspecting and all the other normal craigslist things we’d be required to do to make it ours. So I called my little brother. Kid’s been buying and selling shit (mostly trucks and other things on wheels) on craigslist since he was 12 years old, and somehow always makes a profit. He suggested a starting price I thought was a little low, but we listened to his haggling advice and off we went. The following story outlines our “Craigslist Experience” and concludes with someone very useful advice for anyone buying anything on craigslist.

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