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dear minimalism: can I have my home back?


Back in March I wrote this post about minimalism. I told you that “stuff is just stuff” and that “as a culture we’re drowning in the chaos of our material lives, in our anxiety about getting rid of anything we might possibly regret.”

Then, a few days later, I took a step back and revised my original statement in this post. I argued that not all stuff is just stuff. A lot of material goods are useful to have (like tools, kitchen supplies, etc). I decided that if even if I’m moving towards a minimalist lifestyle I shouldn’t feel guilty about keeping items that I actually use on a regular basis.

When I minimized my life last spring I was preparing to move across the country. Everything had to go that wasn’t a necessity, there simply wasn’t space for anything frivolous. I won’t lie – it felt really great. I felt all the feelings that minimalist spokespersons tell us we’ll feel – liberated, less stressed, calmer, etc.

But then I moved into my new apartment last month and unpacked. Now I take back something I said in my first post about minimalism. I claimed that “For the record: I’ve never regretted getting rid of anything.” That’s no longer true.

I miss a lot of the useless stuff I left behind. 

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craiglist lessons from a teardrop trailer.

The trailer is the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought on craigslist. I knew I had no idea what I was getting into with bartering and inspecting and all the other normal craigslist things we’d be required to do to make it ours. So I called my little brother. Kid’s been buying and selling shit (mostly trucks and other things on wheels) on craigslist since he was 12 years old, and somehow always makes a profit. He suggested a starting price I thought was a little low, but we listened to his haggling advice and off we went. The following story outlines our “Craigslist Experience” and concludes with someone very useful advice for anyone buying anything on craigslist.

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