my guide to tampa, fl.

We spent an amazing week in Tampa, FL with David’s parents. We stayed away from the big commercial attractions like Disney, SeaWorld, Universal, and Busch Gardens – voting to check out more local, educational opportunities. If you’re looking for neat, local stuff to do – I’ve compiled a list for you!

1. The Florida Aquarium

CAM00087I haven’t been to an aquarium since I was little, but this was awesome. David’s mom volunteers there so we had a personal guide the whole time. From the tiniest sea horses to the largest sharks to the fascinating corral I was hypnotized the whole time. I especially loved the sea otters! A must see for anyone of any age.


2. The Dali

Salvador Dali was a very, very interesting man. He’s most famous for his “melting clocks” (actually called “The Persistence of Memory”). If you don’t know anything about him you should probably look him up. He was seriously a legend. I really have nothing more to say. This is not a negotiable option.

3. The St. Pete Farmer’s Market

Food. Food. Art. Food. We stumbled on this by accident and I was annoyed I wasn’t hungrier. This market is energetic, delicious, and intoxicating. You’ll undoubtedly leave with vegetables you’ve never heard of and some of Florida’s best fruit.

4. Weedon Island Kayaking

The Weedon Island Preserve is worth going to just for it’s small museum dedicated to the Seminoles that used to live there. Once you’re done doing that, and if you’re physically able, you should drive up the road to Sweetwater Kayaks and rent a half-day kayak to cruise the five mile mangrove trail. We saw a dolphin(!) as well as many, many, many tiny mangrove crabs. A wonderfully worthwhile day.

5. Tampa Bay History Center

If you’re a history nut, or even if you aren’t, this museum is truly remarkable. Beautifully constructed. There are small, impressive, shows and movies on almost every subject. I’ve learned about many groups of native americans but the Seminoles were new to me. A truly fascinating peoples. The temporary exhibit really sold it – paintings of pirates showing how artist representatives of them changed over time.



a taste of the everglades.


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  1. Oh my goodness … the Salvador Dali museum … one of my favorite places in the world!! And while looking at copies of his work online or in a book will give one a sense of his work, it pales in comparison to seeing his original work, live and in person. It is bizzare, insane, and totally compelling. I once read that the purpose of art is to make the viewer feel something. Well, Dali’s art made me feel. It was an awesome experience and I encourage everyone to visit. Thank you for your guide … I like the way you tour a place!

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