updates and… I got featured!

New Mexico has been slow going, which I won’t say hasn’t been nice. We hit White Sands National Monument, Madrid (an awesome art town), Truth or Consequences, Gila National Forest, Santa Fe, Bandelier National Monument, and a beautiful campground at Cochiti Lake. The best part was meeting a couple of Canadians our age who are doing a similar trip, hanging out in Santa Fe with them was fantastic – we were bummed we couldn’t hang out longer.

We haven’t really had any service, so internet-wise it’s been a quiet week. But while I was mia something super exciting happened.

I was featured!

Cindy, also known as Small Footprints, runs a blog called Reduce Footprints. The work she’s doing through her writing is fantastic, I would encourage all of you to check her out. As part of her “meet and greet” series she asked if she could feature me. I was incredibly honored, so of course I said yes.

Here’s the link to the kind words she said about MyEco20s, and here’s the general link to her work to check it out.

Thanks Cindy! Keep doing awesome things.

 best, e.


“make less beautiful” (big bend).


white sands reflection.


  1. EM! That’s fantastic – congratulations on your feature!

    I can’t wait to hear more about the past week on the road — and see pictures!

  2. Oh, thank you so much … it was absolutely my pleasure to introduce you to my readers!

    You are so right … New Mexico is slow going. Or maybe it’s just that it inspires a calmness which isn’t found in many other places. I love the relaxed feel of the state. I’m excited to hear more about your experiences!

    • It’s beautiful! I’m in Taos now, I wish it wasn’t so cold all year or I would move here in a heart beat.

  3. Carrie

    Well done! and Congratulations! Enjoy the down time. Looking forward to hearing of more adventures –

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