10548286_10154546340460121_1254548059042138913_oHi, I’m Emily, a frighteningly recent college graduate. Born in Maine, I attended Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. After living in PA for a year my boyfriend, David, and I chose to travel across the country in search of a new home – the winner of which was Durango, CO.

My degree is in the environmental sciences, my passion is for sustainable agriculture and local food systems. Earning this degree, and cultivating these passions, earned me immense debt from four years of a liberal arts education. My degree unveiled to me an ailing world, it empowered and impassioned me to make change. My debt left me feeling frustrated and powerless.

How does a broke, ecologically conscious person make lifestyle decisions? Does living sustainably have to mean sacrificing a life I enjoy? How do I choose between what I can afford, what makes me happy, and what is ethical?

I’m not sure that the answers to these questions are far from reach. I truly believe that living sustainably does not have to mean sacrificing happiness or furthering myself into debt. So I’m searching for the balance – how do I make a great life out of the cards I’ve been dealt? And I can’t be the only one asking.